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Howdy all. Co-founder :iconrobotnikholmes: here.

Just letting everyone know there's updates to this group since forever. :P There's plans for extra folders for non-Eggman characters (Egg Bosses and DEL Grandmasters) and whatnot, and anyone who had deactivated their account or members who had contributed nothing to the gallery since this group's foundation five years ago, have been removed from 'Members', because people like that are what the Watch+ button is for really.

That's all there really is to update. If anybody has any contributions to the gallery for all Watchers to see, let us know!
Hello fellow Eggman admirers! Today Nintendo opened a poll for super smash brothers DLC fighters
the poll can be found  here:

this is our chance for Dr.Eggman to join his longtime nemesis Sonic the hedgehog in Super Smash brothers! So let's vote and get him in there! I for one would love to give him the chance to pummel not only that blue pest *who I love* but also other video gaming greats! And come on, who here hasn't though about Dr.Eggman in smash at least once, I sure know I have!
Hey guys, wow, it's been awhile since I posted a blog entry.. and by that I mean the one time I posted an entry, three years ago. Anyway, just so you know there's a forum for Eggman fans. The Eggman empire forums:, It's really inactive but thats just due to a lack of interest by current members, but I think it would be cool if we could breathe new life into it.
So if you're interested, make yourself an account and have fun.

I just thought you guys might find that interesting.

As for other stuff, SHEESH! This club is three years old, and it's manages to stay strong, that makes me really happy and proud. I'm glad to see that we're such a dedicated group of fans. And things certainely have changed in only three years haven't they? Deviantart is a very different place, and there's been an entire spin off series of Sonic started really recently. Of course Eggman has remained the apple of our collective eyes through out all of it, both good and bad.

Whether you love him in the main games, SATAM, Archie, AOSTH, Sonic X, OVA, Underground, or even the newly released Boom continuity, let's keep on showing our love for the big guy for years to come ^^

On that note. What do you guys think of Eggman in Sonic boom? comment below ^^
This is the Eggman fan club. This club has one primary mission and it's this.... In the adventure era, Eggman was one of the most beloved characters in the Sonic franchise, now he's taken a backseat to characters like Shadow or Silver (Don't get me wrong I like both characters) and people are aways hating on him for the simple reason that he's fat,(That's our hollywood loving generation for ya!) or that he's not a furry like everyone lese, it's my hopes that with this club we can unite all the Eggman fans on DA and remind them of how great Eggman  (or Robotnik) is. Okay, I'm gonna lay down a few ground rules for this club:

one: When submiting or faving,no hentai..plz.....

two: Violent pics' are allowed, but not TOO violent, try to keep it at a pg rating 'kay? Very most, PG 13.

three: Your pics ( submitted or faved) must involve the doc is someway, you can't just post a drawing or cosplay or something of Sonic,unless submited in the Sara, Eggman Nega, or Eggman related OC folders,Eggman HAS to be involved in some way (in any form)

four: NO FLAMING OR HATING! We don't need any of that. Other than that... have fun


just thought i would show an awesome video on youtube about Eggman here:…

Alright people, this is just somethin' I need to say, plz don't submit all your favs and pics to featured, I would prefer it if you would add fav's to the specific folder they should belong kk thans :D
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This is a fan club of Dr.Eggman/Robotnik, As the doc would say, YOSH!
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Dr Eggman and a Flower Crown by MxRobotnik
Lil Egg by MxRobotnik
Eggman is Our KING by JasmineRobotnik
Sonic x eggman by FizzyCocoaMan
Dr. Eggman
Diabolical Duo by DrJoshfox
I am the E.G.G.M.A.N. by CaptRicoSakara
(PC) Classic Eggy by JasmineRobotnik
I've Got the Master Plan by sergeant16bit
Eggman's creations
Buzz Bomber by gsilverfish
The Death Egg by gigastorm727
Look, Sir, Badniks 01 Burrobot by DaveTheSodaGuy
Look, Sir, Badniks 02 Ballhog by DaveTheSodaGuy
Eggman in SFM 3D models
Eggmans bow SFM by JasmineRobotnik
Eggman And Metal Sonic Render by JasmineRobotnik
Fight For The World by JasmineRobotnik
Taking A Drive by JasmineRobotnik
Egg Bosses
Conquering Storm the Lynx by NikaKitsukaru
January of Akhult - Orcanado by NikaKitsukaru
Loss Jaw by NikaKitsukaru
Sonic Form Meme - Conquering Storm the Lynx by NikaKitsukaru
DEL Grandmasters
Sara by TheWax
Eggman Nega
.:Request:. Dr. Eggman Nega Doing Gangnam Style by AceOfSpeed94
Replacing the Reject by Rachidile
FAKE EGG by JasmineRobotnik
Eggman Nega doodle by JasmineRobotnik
Sonic And Eggman In Portal 2 by RedCarly
Empire FCs
Nika the Fox - Reference and Bio by NikaKitsukaru
Eggman comics
Bocoe And Decoe Team Rocket Knock Off Motto by JasmineRobotnik
Eggman fan forms
Creating the ultamate Mastermind ( with speedpaint by JasmineRobotnik
Jasmine Robotnik doodles 1 by JasmineRobotnik
Eggman and Jasmine Sonic X ( fake) by JasmineRobotnik


Demon Sisters Get Schooled by BigAl2k6
Eggman as Shonen (Request) by iXINatsu-ChanIXi
My Greatest Adversary by Hyperchaotix
We're the Eggmen by LogiTeeka
Eggman Games contnuity
Defeated?... by MrARTism
Eggman practice scketch by Ferni21
Eggman movie continuty
Sonic OVA/Movie Stamp by Fastmon
Waiting For My Blue Hero... by Hazard-the-Porgoyle
Robotnik OVA Style by TheWax
Eggman Sonic X continuty
Sonic X: Eggman working by yuski
Eggman by Rhay-Robotnik
The Mighty Dr Robotnik by DarkGamer2011
Stupid hedgehog, I hate you by Rhay-Robotnik
Robotnik SATAM Archie continuity
Eggman Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFox
Eggman Stamp 3 by JetProwerTheFox
Robotnik AOSTH continuity
Robotnik in Gerudo Valley by UncleChuckTH
Citizens of Mobius by handtoeye
Robatnik? by AngusMcTavish
President Robotnik Motivator. by ISuper
Robotnik fleetaway continuity
Eggman Robotnik fan continuity
Just Like Two Brothers by DaveTheSodaGuy
Doctor Eggman by AlyTheWolfcat
uh oh... by searria12401
Ivo is TEH CHICK MAGNET by angelblood
Eggman vs Tails
Tails and Eggman by SidusPrime
Tails and Dr. Eggman by TeamOf1
A Musical of Revenge by Hazard-the-Porgoyle
Eggman robotnik vs Sonic
Run Sonic, Run SEGA by JonathanBelmont
A Perilous Rescue Attempt... by Hazard-the-Porgoyle
Sonic and Eggman by SidusPrime
Eggman's got a heart... by AishaPachia


These are the awesome groups that agreed to affiliate or asked to affiliate :D

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Demon Sisters Get Schooled :iconbigal2k6:BigAl2k6 47 8 Eggman as Shonen (Request) :iconixinatsu-chanixi:iXINatsu-ChanIXi 5 9 My Greatest Adversary :iconhyperchaotix:Hyperchaotix 13 14 We're the Eggmen :iconlogiteeka:LogiTeeka 169 97 Dr. Eggman - Sonic 3 style :icont0ms0nic:t0ms0nic 25 8 Archie Sonic comic's style :iconkichigai:kichigai 854 122 YO Eggman :iconkyunae:Kyunae 525 112 Eggman gives the finger :iconshadz-the-fox:Shadz-the-Fox 752 455 Dr. Eggman and the ARK :iconometiklan18:ometiklan18 160 28 Dr. Eggman :icondefault-deviant:Default-Deviant 693 57 The Eggman :iconemilylennon:EmilyLennon 208 64 .:CONTEST:. E.G.G.M.A.N. :iconsonicff:SonicFF 562 162 Dr.Eggman :icontakeshixkagome4eva:TakeshiXKagome4eva 5 4 Entanglement II :iconjeraldkintobor:JeraldKintobor 6 5 (DS) Sonic Colours Stamp :iconsuper-hedgehog:Super-Hedgehog 190 14






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